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Even with all those placements in the 5th house, aspects can influence the way those planets express themselves. Need not worry, however, as the universe is also asking us to pull over and enjoy the scenic view for ourselves this month. After my reading, I not only had some amazing design ideas, I also felt as though I understood and had more confidence in myself, my actions past and present and the direction in which my life was now heading. This leads to the potential that our highest value in life will be those teachings and will shape our impact on the world, in the tenth house.

The Solar Return chart should not be interpreted as a birth chart, but should be integrated with it and with transits. Aquarius Stellium of Obviously, different ascendants and house structures will bring a variety of life experiences to these people.

These individuals know what it is like to take on the adult role from a young age, they may have been young carers, or they may have had an emotional fragile parent. What does this mean? Pluto and Chiron are Sagittarius in the 11th house but I also have an Aquarius stellium. Eclipses in Astrology are typically associated with beginnings and endings, internally and externally. But nowadays, that could also be the mother, or any other significant family figure or mentor.

A Capricorn leads just by being called a leader. I initially contacted stellium astrology for some inspiration with my next tattoo designs.

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Which means that whatever House your Stellium falls in will be a huge focus in your life. Each house is associated with a set of traits, beginning from the self, and expanding outward into society and beyond. A person likes to take part in reforming. Each house represents an area of life's activity. I'm trying to study astrology and I would appreciate an answer from someone who understands astrology NOT horoscopes. Odd child, began vegetarian diet at 8 years old, practiced yoga in 5th grade in front of pbs tv.

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10th House Stellium Aquarius

Anonymous asked: i have stellium in the 2nd house! It is a lucky placement for money- especially if Jupiter is in it :. The authoritarian in your life teaches the lessons of the tenth house, and how to claim your own power. This is also the workaholic stellium, but for a different reason than Capricorn stellium. When the Sun sits in the Tenth House, then you will want to achieve a position of importance, of top status and a good, hard-working reputation.

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  6. The only time this can have a creative impact on the career if Venus is sitting under the sign of Libra, Leo or Gemini. I feel stuck and I think it has something to do with my stellium in my 12th house. The interpretations are based on the teachings of the School of Active Astrology founded by Ciro Discepolo. Tenth House: Career. The true vocation -- not the job; that's the 6th house. In your Natal Fifth House: The focus is on the need to risk expressing oneself creatively and affectionately.

    In the House 9 Makeover, we covered your compassion and grace. This is another important angular house and the natural home of the Midheaven. This is a favorable house for Rahu and gives most of the best results. Management values this ability and successfully uses it for the benefit of the team. Random Astrology Observations Part 1 In synastry, Venus-Saturn harsh aspects can cause dislike of each other clothing style. Wherever this stellium is situated, this is an area where the spotlight can find you, whether you want it or not.

    Houses are a way of dividing up the birth chart into 12 segments. Therefore, even though it isn't a romantic or emotional house, it's a house which can lead to strong, long-term relationships when planets are combined here in synastry chart.

    Companions, cooperation, clubs… Sun Mercury Mars in Cancer which I think causes confusion in my friendships. Monthly Astrology Transits for December If we had any doubt what Jupiter in Scorpio is about, the confusion would have been cleared by what we saw last month.

    The 12th house is the house of illusion, Secrets, ideals, Deception and self-Deception, dreams, drugs, chronic illness, institutions hospital, jail and intuition. It is the house of your Karma. Think status, the authority it conveys, and consequently, the role we take in our community. Fan is kind of the wrong word but kind of the right word too. Solar Return interpretation. I'll never forget the chilling confession of one of my high school English teachers, the one with the impressive Jesuit education and the faint smell of alcohol always on his breath.

    Mars is in libra also. As it is located near the zenith of the sky during the moment of one's birth, it is an open gate towards the sky; thus it is referred as the house of Philosophy and Higher Knowledge. I am a gemini ascendant with rahu in aries 11th house. The Twelfth House compels us to seek closure in a spiritual way as an aid to positive growth. Venus in libra. With sexual adventures you can get enticed easily and if someone offers a leading role to you, you take it without thinking. Composite Planets in Houses.

    Transit Planets

    Jupiter is in aquarius 9th house with a stellium of mercury venus moon and sun in 8th house capricorn while mars and saturn are conjunct in scorpio. Knowing the planets in 10th house and the aspect and conjunction on the 10th house, we can use astrology to help us in knowing our career options which are favourable according to our horoscope. And this Stellium occur in the fourth house means that native will write or learn things from home with family members and which also help him raise in career because from 4th house, all the planets aspect 10th house. She has more than 10 years of experience as a professional journalist and six years of experience as a professional blogger.

    Anonymous said: Can you describe a 12th house stellium? If you have one, you have to find some way to avoid them every now and then. After completing the 10th exam students and their parents become with dilemma whether they should opt medical field or not? They face a lot of confusion and raise questions like I will be success in Medical exam or not. Also any aspects the stellium make to the other planets in your chart, like T-squares.

    The page offers a reading of each planet in each of the 12 astrology houses, a total of mini readings. In any birth chart, when two or more planets are sitting in the same house they are considered to be in conjunction. Virgo is the sign of precision while a 12th House emphasis is often seen in the charts of those who work at night. Many people say I have a "peaceful, calming aura" that. You are also likely to look to and utilize technological advancements for ways to make a positive difference in the world around you.

    If Aquarius is on the 10th house cusp, there is a tendency to work in groups where matters of profession are concerned; hence, involvement with large corporations and group endeavors. Uranus in 10th House indicates somewhat peculiar occupations in a social-ethical direction. The last house of the zodiac also recognizes that we can feel bound in life — stuck and confined. Often, in those days, the most important events of the entire year take place; it is foolish to think that a Solar Return may have its effect months or weeks in advance or be delayed in reference to the date of a birthday;.

    What does a stellium mean in each house? What does a stellium mean in the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and etc. Do these placements balance each other out or just create an even stronger obsession with money?.

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    The coming justice can not take place without real revolutionary changes. A stellium is defined as a group of several planets in a single sign of the zodiac or a single house. Sometimes they speak without thinking and this leads to interrupting people and heated arguments. Also, in my whole chart, all of my signs are either in the 6th, 8th, 10th,. South Node in 3rd House The individual has learnt to overcome the minutiae of everyday life and become independent of the influences from their brother or sister. The NRO's Sun identity , Venus love, self-worth , Pluto extremes, power, terror and North Node destiny are all in Virgo analysis, technical wizardry , all in the 12th House hidden matters, secret societies.

    Occasionally however, the 10th house can represent the mother since it is the child's perception of who the authority parent was that may ultimately determine who the 10th house represents.

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    The Venus love , Mars passion , and Jupiter luck , expressing itself in a Leo fashion, goes very well with the 10th house. With Aquarius On Tenth House Cusp, the person should be involved in any type of activity or profession which would have the humanistic values attached. Ever wondered why everyone says they're Aquarius dominant?