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Tune in for my best strategies so you draw deep insights from your readings and align with your inner wisdom. Join us for our monthly casual long-form discussion format instruction on energy and how to use it in your spells and goals. Listen as they discuss their take on everything metaphysical, wellness, empowerment, and pets. Podcast by Carol Ferris. A serialized monthly detective show, performed LIVE in the style of a s radio drama! My interests are anything to do with health, nutrition, and anything natural!

My intent is to lift and inspire others to come to optimal health in all aspects of their lives. By referring to your sign, which is indicated by your date and month of birth you can determine your natural tendencies and what is best for you to attract.

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No matter what one of the twelve signs of the Zodiac you are born under, you can develop into a good and successful person if you will pay strict attention to the golden truths I'm a natural and energetic healer. I specialize in crystal healing, but also do reiki, seichim, violet flame, pendulum work, and gridwork, and am a multi-style yoga teacher focused in tantra.

I just finished traveling through Southeast Asia and I'm back home for a year before I takeoff on further travels. Go to www. Your Horoscopes are personal and special to you, so you can now hear your Weekly Horoscope which are updated every Friday for your week ahead Saturday — Friday. If you want to know more about your Horoscope, watch Russe Welcome to the Podcast of "www. Host of "Psychic Sundays" radio show that aired on In addition, my soul's pur Play later. Live weekday mornings on the Living Astrology Facebook page. The Moon in Sagittarius sparks our explorer natures today. We're traveling backward in time today as well in preparation for Pluto's change to Nghe Sau.

The second fall month could be seen like running through fields of budding cannabis trees. So many wonderful plants, you will want to h These horoscopes are month-ahead forecasts for each sign for Libra Season in Virgo Season extends between September 23 - October Go to embodiedastrology. A super massive black hole broods at the center of our galaxy.

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Discover what the month holds for you through Lenormand Reader's very own Hourglass reading. We start the week with the Moon in unique and innovative Aquarius, favoring out-of-the-box thinking! The Sun squares Saturn today causing us to We're starting to transition from Libra to Scorpio and Venus moves in Wednesday, but for today Mercury already there is opposite Uranus.

In this episode The Moon Wobble peaks at eastern this afternoon, so let's talk again about what this "wobble" is, but more importantly, how we can put all aspects of the astrological chart - which simply mirrors our lives - into proper context. Hint: That wheel does not govern our lives Listen to our podcast Shownotes Podcast for Peace wants to thank for their contributions: Steven Forrest for years of ground breaking wisdom and knowledge Cyber PR for all the great help and support over the years of our Peace Practice.

Jamendo Music for a great source of podsafe musicians. According to certain English folktales, a vile creature lurks in the slime-caked dark of local ponds. When little ones wander too close to shore, she lashes out to drown them in her slippery embrace.

Is astrology a fixed destiny, or is there free will? Can we be creators of our life, or are we on a path that is predetermined and we cannot affect it? Especially in light of these super-powerful energies of the Moon Wobble and Saturn Pluto conjunction, how do we position ourselves as powerful creators The Moon transitions from Sagittarius to Capricorn today, changing the energy for the weekend. Mars, planet of action, changes signs as well to The heavens are mostly quiet today, but what is there is more challenging squares, especially the Moon square Mars, the Sun is square Saturn, Mercury is sesquisquare Neptune, and Jupiter is square Neptune.

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We're also keeping our eye on the approaching Moon Wobble square where the Sun squares the Moon's nodal axis , which peaks at pm Sunda The First Days of Love.. Big news of the day: Mercury moves into Scorpio setting up the next 2 months of deep, investigative probing of what lies in the "unseen" - what All today! One of the most active and important days in October as Pluto turns direct, Mars moves into Libra and Mercury goes into Scorpio. Any one of the three would be significant. The value of this astrology software lies in its credibility and accuracy.

The Kundali making software has also been brought to life on smartphones by LeoStar in the name of LeoTouch. After pursuing these courses, the students shall be able to:. To put it precisely, all the fundamental principles of these esoteric subjects are taught under one roof to let the students grasp the subject in its entirety.

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In the DVD, our distinguished and learned Acharya's describe the secrets of astrology, horoscope reading, Kundli making, Astrology predictions and other methods of clairvoyance. Our Astrology Magazine answers your every question related to the field of Astrology and much more.

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These books provide immense guidance required to make predictions and read Horoscopes. Our magazine contains vital information for the astrologers to predict the future of every moon sign through the Transit , or any other year in the future so to say. Since we live in a digital age, Future Point has forayed into this domain as well by launching an Online Astrology Magazine that is available at www. In this web portal you shall be reading several worthy articles dealing with various areas of life and astrology for the year like:.

Our Panel of Experts Dr. Abha Bansal Exp: 26 years Expert: Astrology. Suresh Atrey Exp: 28 years Expert: Astrology.

Popular Horoscopes Buy Now. Buy Now. Best Selling Horoscopes Our popular horoscope models with detailed life predictions. Brihat Parashar Patrika Know More. Bhrigu Patrika Know More. Kundli Darpan Know More. Match Analysis Know More. Free Kundli Free Matching. Prediction Aries. Widespread evidence of the mother goddess in the Near East the 'mother' archetype in all shapes and forms is always related to the sign Cancer. Symbol for Gemini :.

When the March equinox used to occur in Gemini ;. During this mythological age writing developed, [ dubious — discuss ] and trade started to accelerate. The constellation can be seen as two people holding hands thought to be twins , believed by some [ who? In myths associated with the constellation of Gemini, both writing including literature, newspapers, journals, magazines, and works of fiction and trade including merchants are traditional archetypes belonging to the sign of Gemini. Multiple gods, such as the pantheon of gods in Ancient Greek literature, are believed to have appeared in this Gemini age [ dubious — discuss ] probably in Sumer Mesopotamia.

Symbol for Taurus :. When the March equinox used to occur in Taurus ;. Bull worshiping cults began to form in Assyria , Egypt , and Crete during this mythological age. Symbol for Aries :. When the March equinox used to occur in Aries ;. Aries represents a Fire symbol as well as bold actions, a lot of these behaviors can be seen during any age.

However, the themes emphasised during this age relate to courage, initiative, war, and adventure. Nations during this age such as the expanding empires of China , Persia , Greece , and Rome , are often cited as examples of the archetypes of Aries in action. Also the Aries constellation shows a ram running. This could correspond with the sacrifice of Abraham's Ram. According to the Roman state religion, the Roman people were the "Sons of Mars". Aries is associated with the metal iron , and iron ore was for the first time smelted and worked into iron swords in Anatolia during the early phase of this era, replacing the heavier, softer-metalled, duller-edged bronze swords of the previous Taurus Age.

Traits of Aries such as 'initiative' may suggest the explosion of originality in the development of social aspects, sciences and arts in regions such as Ancient Greece but at the same time traits such as 'Impulsivity' may be attributed to the various Wars of the time. The Age of Aries ushered in efforts to replace polytheism with monotheism. The earliest known attempt was by the Egyptian Pharaoh Akhenaten , who, in about BC, decreed the Sun God Aten to be the supreme deity, apparently in reaction to his earlier lack of inclusion in religious rites by his family.

After his death, however, power reverted to the original polytheistic priests, who re-established the old religion. - Horoscopes, Tarot, Psychic Readings

Speculation including that of Freud has it that later, during the reign of Ramesses II , Moses was influenced by rumour of Akhenaten's revolutionary idea, and grasped the idea of a single supreme God, who especially favoured his people, as an inspirational mechanism that best suited his people held in bondage. The symbol of Aries can be seen as representing the power of multiple gods streaming down into a single god-head.

Moses born c.

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These events may have occurred during the Age of Aries see also dating the Exodus. Symbol for Pisces :. While the March equinox occurs in Pisces ;. At the end of the Age of Pisces, the vernal equinox point will have moved into the constellation of Aquarius, thus beginning the Age of Aquarius. Various astrologers make widely varying claims about when the age will end or whether it has ended already.

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The age of Pisces began c. With the story of the birth of Christ coinciding with this date, [58] many Christian symbols for Christ use the astrological symbol for Pisces, [59] the fishes. Pisces has been called the "dying god," where its sign opposite in the night sky is Virgo , or, the Virgin Mary. Behold, when ye are entered into the city, there shall a man meet you bearing a pitcher of water This coincides with the changing of the ages, into the Age of Aquarius, [66] as the personification of the constellation of Aquarius is a man carrying pitchers of water.

Aquarius also has a double rulership: Saturn is the traditional ruler and Uranus is the modern ruler. Saturn presides over structure and form and the status quo.